The term Bagamoyo has been taken from Bwaga Moyo that literally means “to lay down your heart”. Clearly from the derivation, it can be understood why Bagamoyo beach town is so famous. Thousands of tourists visit this wonderful destination every year for its beautiful atmosphere. The existence of luxurious hotels in Bagamoyo with numerous facilities is of significant importance. The hotels are affordable, which means that a larger number of people can visit this beautiful place that makes tourism a successful sector in this area.


There are numerous nightclubs situated in Bagamoyo. Tourists can go clubbing every night as they are filled with various events. One such fantastic club is the Club Lusona of the Bagamoyo Millennium Old Post Office Hotel (La Renaissance). All kinds of people starting from young to middle age visit this club every year for its carefree atmosphere and a magnificent collection of exotic drinks. Every night there are exciting DJ parties held where all visitors are encouraged in wearing their party shoes and to come out of their shells. For those people who are not exactly fond of so much dancing, can spend their evening just by sipping exotic drinks that are available in the bar.


Inside the Old Post Office Hotel there are large TV screens in the living rooms which are extremely popular as many people watch sports every day during their stay at the hotel. As the fantastic club of La Renaisance is located near the beach, travelers can take the pleasure of walking to the beach and view the splashing sea waves as well as enjoy clubbing. The famous handicrafts market is situated right behind the La Renaiisance, which means that tourists who have children with them should definitely visit the market and buy mementos that will forever keep their wonderful memories of Bwagamoyo!


Guests are advised to inquire with the La Renaissance‘s front desk for the Club Lusona‘s operating hours. The Club normally operates every day of the week, with some exceptions The Club normally opens at 21:00 hours and it remains open till 04:00 hours (+03:00 GMT).