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The Bagamoyo town is well known for its unique beaches and historic stone-town buildings. The town is simply magical where thousands of visitors come to visit the beaches and the fortified houses, which were the dens of slaves in the earlier times. Apart from this, there are numerous activities that can be enjoyed while guests stay in the excellent beach resorts. Activities like scuba diving, island hopping can be easily availed. There are some national parks nearby the town as well. The town is crowded with several visitors especially over the weekends.


The visitors should choose a reliable and comfortable hotel for their visit to Bagamoyo. This is what makes the Bagamoyo Millenium Sea Breeze Resort is different from other hotels. Various facilities are available here that visitors can take advantage. The Bagamoyo Millennium Sea Breeze Resorts contacts include information that is beneficial to our guests. The address of the hotel is:

Bagamoyo Millenium Sea Breeze Resort
Bagamoyo Town
P.O. Box 155

The address is indicated in the website of this resort so that tourists can easily locate the resort upon their at the Bagamoyo town.


Tourists and other visitors may have questions regarding hotels in which they are going to stay before choosing any particular resort. Due to this the Bagamoyo Millenium Sea Breeze Resort contact information include email addresses, which visitors can use to inquire about their reservations and other information. The email addresses are:

  • General information –
  • General Manager –
  • Reservations –
  • Group Chairman –


Tourists and other visitors can make reservations with the help of email or they can use the phone numbers given here, which are:

  • Mobile Number:  +255 767 606805 or +255 767 606718