The Bagamoyo town of Tanzania is not only famous as a tourist destination for its exotic beaches and resorts, but also, it is one of the significant trading ports of today. Private and public sector have chosen Bagamoyo, and in particular, the Bagamoyo Millennium Sea Breeze Resort and the Bagamoyo Millennium Old Post Office Hotel (La Renaissance) as its favourite destination for meetings, workshops and seminars. But they don’t need to book another conference hall for their meetings other than the Resort. Almost all of the elegant hotels of Bagamoyo are equipped with stylish conference rooms that are furnished beautifully.


The conference rooms the Sunrise Millenium Group resorts are well-known for providing adequate services that are available at the Sea Breeze Resort and La Renaissance. The resorts incorporate all the additional touches for making the rooms look chic and exclusive. There are in total six conference rooms that can accommodate ten to one hundred people. Every conference room is equipped with an air conditioner, which keeps the rooms fresh, whereas, its occupants will find a clean environment all around. Mineral water is served at every desk for the convenience of the visitors during their meetings.


Conference halls require certain equipment for the successful completion of meetings. The Sea Breeze Resort and La Renaissance consist of adequate and required equipment as well as the relevant stationery item. Often, conference facilitators and presenters need to make PowerPoint presentations for which:

  • LCD projectors can be hired from the hotel itself.
  • Large and medium sized typical projectors are also provided.
  • Flip chart boards are also present for the convenience of everyone.

Visitors are served with snacks and tea in the morning and coffee in the evening. Tailor-made services are also provided by the Resorts, which include delicious breakfasts and lunches as well.


There are package deals offered by the hotel for the conference meetings. Visitors can avail the exceptional lunch and ceremonial dinner package where USD 40 is charged per person. This package is beneficial for those who regularly need to conduct meetings at the any of our Resorts. For flexible events and meetings, we are your ideal destination.