When the term vacation is concerned, only one location comes to mind: Bagamoyo!

Bagamoyo is well known for its sandy beaches and beautiful and comfortable hotels. Apart from the beaches, a well known national park, Saadani, is within the proximity of Bagamoyo, offering a bevy of wildlife to be admired. Although Bagamoyo is known for its history that includes slavery, today it has gained much value by the establishment of beach hotels by which the tourism of Bagamoyo is growing strong.


People may find numerous resorts in Bagamoyo, but the most exclusive are the Bagamoyo Millenium Sea Breeze Resort and the Bagamoyo Millennium Old Post Office Hotel (La Renaissance), which are well reputed for their accommodation. Only high standard accommodations can be found in these particular hotels, but at reasonable prices so that people from all over the world can enjoy the landscapes and the luscious waves. Apart from the Executive Suites, the two popular types of rooms are Standard and Deluxe. Honeymoon Suites have been specially designed for newlyweds to make their stay as memorable and comfortable as possible. The accommodation of these Resorts have been designed to be comfortable to all guests, irrespective of where they come from.


All the rooms of the Resorts are equipped with air conditioners, which help to keep the atmosphere inside the rooms fresh and clean. The fabrics are custom designed, and the furnishing have been chosen keeping in mind the comfort of guests. Every room incorporates enough space so that guests don’t feel suffocated in any way. The comfort of the visitors is our priority. All contemporary amenities are accessible in the Resorts, which are exclusively for guests who visit here all around the year.


There are adequate conveniences available in every room of the Resorts. Bagamoyo accommodations are well-known worldwide, as they include commodious closets, double beds, fridges (a mini bar can be available upon request), luggage racks, separate showers, satellite TV and so much more. There are few rooms that face the sea directly at “La Renaissance”, and there are others that face the private garden at the Bagamoyo Millennium Sea Breeze Resort.